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Coast Redwood Tree

Circumference 77 ft . Height 13 ft. • Doorway 6 1/2 ft. by 5 ft.

This particular Coast Redwood Tree (sequoia sempervirens) was a highlight in the Forestry Building at the Pan American Exposition, in 1901, in Buffalo.  This tree was cut on Eel River in Humboldt County, in California on February 14, 1893.

To cut and remove the tree in section, a cost of $10,000.00 was incurred at the time.

Due to its large circumference and size, it makes it one of the largest trees ever cut down in the world.

It is a room-style, walk-in reconstruction of an unusually large specimen that was cut in the late 19th century and formerly displayed in the Niagara Falls Museum.This piece is definitely worthy of a significant position in a leading natural history museum. It is unique at this time in history as it it believed that there are only a few or no such displays now in existence.


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