The Niagara Falls Museum in 1888
Niagara Falls


The Niagara Falls Museum

Interior view of the Niagara Museum

The Niagara Falls Museum, Canada's oldest museum, opened in 1827. The museum over recent years has changed its focus. We are presently looking to acquire, ethnographic material from South Pacific, Hawaii, Africa, Indonesia and the Americas. Our main focus is on collecting North American Indian artifacts, Eskimo, Woodlands, Great Lakes, Subaractic, Plains, and Northwest Coast Indian art, especially related to Canada.

We are interested in material that is in need of restoration and conservation. Niagara Falls Museum welcomes inquiries from those who share our interests: collectors, museum investors and trustees, educational institutions, etc.

We have a policy for acquiring old ethnographic material for the museum, whether by purchase or exchange.

The Featured Exhibits at the Niagara Falls Museum are a Humpback Whale ,  and a Redwood Tree.

On exhibit Sitting Bulls moccasin gifted by US President Van Buren and Cheynnee warrior White Powder's 1870s war shirt. White Powder fought with Sitting Bull against General Custer at the battle of Little Little Big Horn in 1876.


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